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God is building a people of power
God is making a people of praise
That will move through
this land by His Spirit
And will glorify
His precious Name

Build Your church Lord
Make us strong Lord
Join our hearts Lord
Through Your Son
Make us one Lord
In Your body
In the kingdom of Your Son

Thank God that he is still in the business of building his Church and the gates of hell has not been able to prevail. Bless his name for raising a people of power and praise in our congregation.

Pray that the Lord will send more labourers into his vineyard, that he will cause us to have an understanding of his will concerning the harvest that he has called us to reap unto his glory. Declare and decree that labourers shall be sufficient for the task of building the church of God in our city. Ask God to send sowers and reapers into our midst. (John 4:35-38, Matthew 9:37-38)

Come against every tendency to be working for God without walking with him. Pray that all the workers in the Church will first and foremost have a revelation and encounter with Christ just like God revealed himself to Paul before making him a chosen vessel to bear his name before the gentiles and kings. Ask God to grant us the grace to maintain an altar of intimate fellowship with him in our closets to know him who has enlisted us as workers (Acts 9:15, Mark 3:14, Phil 3:10)

Ask the Lord to grant each one of the workers, ministers and pastors in Church, an understanding of the role we are individually called to fulfill. Pray that as workers in our various capacities, we shall be fitly joined together as one, having one mind to work and being helpful to one another. That as labourers together with God, we shall individually and faithfully supply our part towards the work of ministry and the growth of the church. (Rom 12:5-10, Eph 4:15,16)

Release a genuine passion and compassion for souls to come upon us. Pray that we shall be a Church that is committed to the will of God to see all men genuinely saved and brought to the knowledge of the truth. This season of PUSH let us intercede that the bands of wickedness upon the souls in our community be loosed, every heavy burden be undone, as many that are oppressed to go free. Break every yoke of captivity in Jesus name. Command every veil on the eyes of the people that we minister unto to be removed. (Matthew 14:14, I Tim 2:4, Isaiah 58:6)

Resist every plan of the enemy to frustrate our efforts towards the building of the church in any way. Decree that there shall be no Achan or a brother to a waster found in our midst. Come against every form of action that is rebellious and contrary to the intent and purpose of God in our midst. Reject slothfulness, lethargy, small mindedness, lack of vision, lack of leadership direction, disunity, lack of harmony etc (Prov 18:9, Rom 12:11)

Decree that the gates of hell will not prevail against us as we build together with the Lord. Shatter the hopes and expectations of the wicked concerning the growth of Harvest House, House on the Rock. Cancel every legislation, decree, embargo or impediment that the enemy has placed on our way. Declare that nothing will cause us to be intimidated of the giants on our way. Pray that we shall walk in greater authority and dominion, that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Decree that no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper. (Matthew 16:18,19, Isaiah 54:17)

Prophesy and decree that the pastorate, all the various ministries, departments and units in Church (mention them one by one) will thrive and go forward. We shall be of the same mind and judgement. Come against every schism and division within our ranks. We shall not be stagnated again, everything under our watch shall function efficiently and whatever we do shall prosper. (1 Cor. 1:10, Psalm 1:3)

Go ahead and bless the name of the Lord for all that he has done, is doing and will yet do in our church assembly.

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