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Song: I am the God that
Healeth thee
I am the Lord
Your healer
I sent My word
And I healed your disease
I am the Lord
Your healer.

Bless God for indeed He is the Lord that heals us. Thank Him for taking away diseases from our midst. Appreciate Him for the sacrifice of the blood of Jesus Christ through which we are redeemed from every infirmity.

Reject every form of sickness and disease that has been affecting the lives of our brethren. Declare that we shall attend unto God’s word and incline our ears to His sayings; they shall not depart from our eyes but we shall keep them in the midst of our heart. Declare that God’s words shall be life unto us and health to all our flesh. Command every disease to depart from our bodies for the Lord has promised that He will take away the diseases of Egypt (world) from us.
(Proverbs 4:20-22, Deut. 7:16)

Let us cry for mercy by the blood on behalf of as many who are presently faced with recurring sicknesses. Obtain the redemption that is in the blood of Jesus and decree an end to such sicknesses, that they shall proceed no further. Proclaim liberty to as many that are held captive by sicknesses among us in the name of Jesus. Proclaim the healing of Jesus upon everyone in our midst that is oppressed of the devil (Eph 1:7, Luke 4:18, Acts 10:38)

There are some of us that need creative miracles with respect to certain organs in our bodies. Some need to be repaired and some need complete replacement. Ask God for the performance of notable creative miracles in the lives of our brethren. Ask that the Lord will stretch forth His hands to heal & rectify whatever might have gone wrong in the lives of our Brethren, even those that they were born with (John 9:6,7, Acts 4:30)

In some cases there are spirits behind some infirmities. Until the spirits are cast out, the infirmities will not cease. Bind and cast out every spirit behind any and every infirmity among our brethren. Cast out the spirit of depression, suicidal thoughts, lunacy (insanity), torments etc (Matthew 4:24, Matthew 8:16)

Declare that in this season of PUSH our health will spring forth. Pray that sound health will be the portion of everyone of us. Declare that every organ in our bodies shall function perfectly. Decree that there shall be no more cases of hypertension, high blood sugar, fibroid, migraine, etc in our midst. Terminate every detected or undetected terminal disease like cancer, leukemia, kidney disease, renal failure etc. Decree that the sun of righteousness will rise upon us with healings in its wings (Isaiah 58:6,8, Mal 4:2)

Ask God to grant us wisdom to maintain good eating and health habits. Pray that we will not be the ones bringing sicknesses and infirmities upon ourselves through folly and ignorance. Decree that we will eat right, get enough rest and sleep and adequately exercise our bodies. Ask that the Lord will continually help us to make healthy and right choices on a daily basis. (Proverbs 4:7, James 1:5)

Thank God for healings, deliverance, sound health and wellness in every part of our bodies and in our soul. Bless His name for physical, mental, emotional and psychological soundness in Jesus name.

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