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Open the flood gate in abundance
Cause your rain to fall on us
Baba o
Oh, oooooooo

And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat.
Mark 6:31 KJV and Like 9:10

Give God praise for his mercies over our lives and for the success and impact of all past retreats.

Praise God for his call upon us as his children and especially for the opportunity we have to seek him. (Mt 7:7-8, Jer 29:11-14)

Exalt the name of the Lord for this year’s retreat and declare that it is sanctified unto our God, and we all that shall attend are set aside unto him as a living sacrifice.( Rom12:1&2)

Praise God for the theme of the retreat: ” Flames of 🔥 ” and ask that the Lord will visit us with his refiner’s fire to refine us, to burn every impurity, work of the flesh and devil in our lives. That we may be set ablaze to serve God fervently in the days, weeks and years to come (Malachi 3:2&3, Isaiah 1:25-27)

Pray that whatever it is that represents a cord i.e. yoke, lethargy, bondage, barrier, burden etc that has held us down shall become as flax burnt with fire, as the Spirit of the Lord comes mightily upon us like fire. Decree that every band shall be loosed from off our lives. (Judges 15:14)

Declare that the heavens will be open upon us for divine visitation. That the heaven upon us shall not be of brass, but for the outpour of the spirit of God without measure, with divine visitation and encounter where the Lord shall speak to us expressly. (Lev. 26:19, Mt 3:13-16, Gen 28:11-12)

Pray for all the ministers in various capacities that they shall be endued with fire from on high to minister as God’s Oracles and not with enticing words of human wisdom but in the demonstration of the Spirit and power of God. (I Cor 2:4 &13, I Peter 4:11, 2 Cor 3:6)

Pray that as we set this weekend aside to seek the Lord, that it shall be a time of fellowship with God and with one another where we shall learn of the Lord and it shall be a time of refreshing in God’s presence. Decree that after the Retreat, we shall be more zealous with knowledge, for the Lord, fervent in spirit and serving the Lord more faithfully. Declare that the seasons of slothfulness, dryness, weakness etc are all over (Is 28 :12, 1Jhn1:3&17, Mt 11:28-30)

Pray that there shall be divine instructions, directions for us as individuals and as a church family of HOTR Ibadan, that we shall not seek God in vain in Jesus Name (Is 30:21, Mark 9:7, Ps 16:11, Is 45:11)

Magnify the Lord for he has heard and answered our prayers in Jesus Name!

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