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Covenant keeping God,
there is no one like you,
Alpha Omega,
there is no one like you. (Repeat) 
Bless the Lord who is the giver of every good and perfect gift as well as a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. Thank Him because He is a covenant keeping God whose words are yea and Amen. There is no variableness, neither is there any shadow of turning with Him.
Declare and decree that we shall be blessed above all people and there shall not be male or female barren among us.  Pray that none of those waiting on the Lord will suffer miscarriages neither shall there be any form of stillbirth by our pregnant women.  (Deut.  7:14, Exodus  23:26)
Ask the Lord to visit every one of our women that are in waiting as He has promised in His words and fulfill His counsel in their lives as it is written in scriptures. Ask the Lord to open every womb that has been closed spiritually. Pray that God will heal our men and their wives and cause them to bear children. (Genesis 21:1, Genesis  20:17)
Pray fervently that during this P.U.S.H season God will remember those in waiting among us and open their wombs. Their matter will be speedily attended to without any further delay. (Genesis  30:22).
Declare that we are blessed with the heritage of proper children in our midst and that we have the fruit of the womb as a reward from the Lord among us as the flock of His pasture. Come against every tendency among those who are waiting on the Lord to seek help from strange powers & false prophets. Pray that none shall provoke God to jealousy nor provoke Him to anger through the abomination of seeking other gods. (Psalm 127:3, Deut. 32:16)
Come against every form of anxiety, worries, pressures etc in the lives of every couple that is waiting on the Lord. Pray that they shall rest their flesh in hope. Ask the God of hope to fill them with all joy and peace in believing and that they will abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost. (Phil 4:5,6, Romans  15:13)
Cancel every medical prognosis and diagnosis that bears record or report that is contrary to that which is written in the scriptures. Pray that in cases where medical procedure might be required, pray that God will grant those waiting the wisdom and financial resources to access such procedure. Decree that none of such procedures will fail in Jesus name. (Col 2:14, Phil 4:19)
Call forth christening & dedication of babies in our midst unto the praise and glory of God.
Give God all the praise for answering our prayers and granting our petition.

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