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Jehovah is your name (x2)

Mighty warrior, great in battle

Jehovah is your name


Mighty warrior, great in battle

Jehovah is your name.


Thank God because His eyes are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry. Bless His name because He that watches over us never sleeps nor slumbers. Appreciate Him because His hand is not shortened that He can not redeem or save neither is His ears heavy that He can not hear (Psalms  34:15, Isaiah 59:1)


Pray that we shall not give place to the Devil nor open up ourselves to the attack of the enemy through ignorance or carelessness. Pray that the Lord will grant unto us to be sensitive & watchful in all things. Pray that we shall never be overtaken by the craftiness and lying in wait of the enemy for our souls. (Eph 4:27, Acts 23:16)


Pray that we shall be fortified and protected like a strong city from every plan of the enemy to steal, kill or destroy anyone among us. Pray that all the armor of God will be in place in our lives and that we shall be enabled to withstand every wile of the Devil in season and out of season. (Eph 6:13)


Pray that the Lord shall surround us as His people henceforth even forever just as mountains surround Jerusalem. That He shall establish us in His righteousness and we shall be far from oppression and from terror. (Psalms  125:2, Isaiah  54:14)


Declare that we are shielded from every evil work and attack from the enemy. Pray that the Lord shall deliver us individually and collectively from every evil work, and will preserve us unto his heavenly kingdom. Decree that no enchantment or divination from the powers of darkness shall prevail over us. (2 Timothy  4:18, Numbers 23:23)


Come against every armed robbery attacks, activities of hired assassins, ritual killers and every form of bloodletting within our borders, especially as the festive season approaches and elections take place in our nation. Declare that as many that desire to shed innocent blood or cause destruction in the land shall not be able to perform their enterprise. (Psalm 91:10, Job 5:12)


Pray that the Lord will suffer no man to touch us and He will reprove kings for our sakes. Command every evil hand that is being stretched against our families, businesses, finances etc to whither and be cut off. Declare that the Lord will deliver us from barrenness. Decree that none of our pregnant women will cast their young, there shall be no miscarriage or stillbirth among us in Jesus name. (Psalm 105:14, Ex 23:26)


Bless the Lord for granting us our requests according to His will. Give Him glory for we shall see our desires and our expectations shall not be cut off in Jesus name.

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