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Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free. (Ephesians 6:8)

Thank God for what Christ did for us! The supreme sacrifice of yielding his life for our redemption is priceless; nothing on earth compares to it. There is nothing anyone could ever do that will equal or match up to the death of Christ on the Cross for all men.

We must however be careful not to exaggerate the import of what Christ did or accomplished on our behalfs. The truth is that Jesus did all that He needed to do for us in order to restore us to a place where we would also be able to do what is good and acceptable in the sight of God. Jesus did all that will bring an end to the enmity between God and man and thus restore us to a living fellowship with God; He did not go to the Cross in order to discharge us from any sense of responsibility towards God or from doing anything whatsoever.

Those who wrongly quote that there is nothing else that we are called to do since Jesus did it all are misquoting the scriptures. Yes, there is nothing else we can do towards the work of our redemption from sin and it’s consequences but there are many more things that we can and must do to receive from the Lord once we have first given our lives in appreciation of the sacrifice of Christ for our redemption.

When we become born again, what God expects from us is to do good. A believer in Christ that takes pleasure in doing what is bad has not really understood or forgotten that he has been purged from his old and bad ways or doings. Anyone who continues to do bad things will only receive bad things and that is evidently from the father of all bad and evil, who the Devil is.

Paul was persuaded of better things concerning the Ephesian Church. He knew they had turned from their gentile ways to serve the true and the living God. However, he needed to remind them on the need to maintain good works whether as a master having slaves under him or as slaves working under a master. Please note that slavery has been outlawed in modern times even though there were news recently of a slave trade cartel operating in the North of Africa. However, there is still master- servant relationship that exists between employers of Labour and employees which is scripturally approved.

Notwithstanding, masters are not meant to be terrors. Servants likewise are not meant to be given to eye service. Both must continue to do good knowing that Christianity does not discharge them from such an obligation but rather demands it from them in order to receive good from the Lord.

You can’t be claiming that good will come to you from the Lord yet continue to do bad or evil. You will always reap what you sow.

May the Grace of God be exceedingly multiplied unto us to always do good in every aspect and affairs of our lives in Jesus name.

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