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Give God praise for our Godly seeds because they are his heritage. They belong to the Lord and we are only but caregivers, stewards over them.

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

Luke 2:52 KJV



Give God praise the giver of every good gift & perfect gift. (James 1:17)


Intellectual Growth

Jesus grew in wisdom, this represents intellectual growth

Pray that our children will grow intellectually, in sound wisdom and academic acumen. They will be diligent in their studies, topping honor’s roll, winning awards and scholarships and excelling on all sides. Like the four Hebrew children, our seeds shall be better than their contemporaries, blessed with wisdom for witty inventions, entrepreneurship skills in Jesus Name! ( Daniel 1:3&4, Ps 119:99, Ps 144:12, Ex 31:3-5)


Physical Growth

Pray that our children, as well as the babies in the womb, will grow and develop physically. There shall be no stunted growth. No disease or infirmity will ravage their bodies. They are shielded from every form of bullying, verbal, physical and sexual abuse/ perversions, from kidnappers, cultists, and ritualists in Jesus Name. They grow like the cedar in Lebanon and flourish like the Palm tree. We declare them “Touch Not” to the enemies in Jesus Name. No evil eyes shall be set upon our children nor wicked hands laid on them. (1 Chronicles 16:18-22, Psalm 92:12, Ps 91)


Spiritual Growth

Declare that our children are totally dedicated to the Lord as they grow in the fear and admonition of God, in his love, his will, and word. ( Lk 2:40)

Pray that our children will know the Lord early enough, right from childhood like Timothy and Samuel walking in the truth all the days of their lives even as we the parents and guardians hand unto them godly legacies like Eunice and Lois ( I Sam 2:18&26, 2 Tim 1:5, 3Jhn 1:4)


Pray that as we instruct our children in the truth, they are taught of the Lord, they will love and accept correction and that they will not depart from his ways as they grow up in Jesus Name! ( Prov 22:6, Is 54:13, 2 Tim 3:15,Heb 12:6, Prov 22:12, Prov13:1)


Pray according to

Joel 2 that the promise of the Holy Spirit would be seen in their lives, through the manifestation of the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. ( Gal 5:22, Joel 2:28)


Social Growth

Pray that our children shall grow in favor with everyone, they are well- nurtured, well behaved, well- rounded in character, loving, lovely and lovable. They live and grow in obedience and like Jesus, they live in subjection to us their parents as we set godly examples for them to follow. Declare that our children are for signs and wonders in the land. They will never bring reproach or shame unto us. They will not cause us pain or sorrow. They will not consent to the enticements by sinners.  Shield them from every ungodly friendship and association in Jesus Name! ( Eph 6:1, Col 3:20, Lk 2:51,Is 8:18, Prov1:10, I Cor 15:33)


Give God Praise for answered prayers.

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